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Maymom Wide Neck Milk Storage Collection Bottle with SureSeal Sealing Disk

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This purchase does not include any NIPPLES. Instead, it features wide-neck collection bottles that are compatible with Avent manual, Avent Electric Breastpump, Spectra s2, Spectra s1, Spectra 9plus pumps, and even Bellababy pump! These bottles come with a 100% LEAK PROOF silicone SureSeal (TM) sealing disc, ensuring no spills. Plus, with 5-mL incremental measurement marks, you'll know exactly how much milk you've produced. The SureSeal silicone top is even BALL-PEN WRITEABLE, allowing you to date the bottle or add your name (no more mix-ups!) and easily wash off the markings with some soapy water. And don't worry about compatibility - these bottles work with NIPPLES AND RINGS from AVENT NATURAL, AVENT CLASSIC, and SPECTRA BOTTLES. You can pump directly into the bottles, eliminating the need for transfers and
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